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A blessed land! So is Maceió. A place where the term "shade and fresh water" can be really experienced daily during a stay in the city.

That nature has been generous in the land, everyone knows. Macedonia has an extensive coastline of beaches with crystal clear water and warm. A lagoon enviable.

His craft is internationally known, beyond the typical cuisine of the region. But that's not all! The beauty of its people is the highlight. The Alagoas, and welcoming, has strong cultural values​​. Many stand out in national and international scene. Others are part of the history of Brazil.



The pleasure of being in Maceió is not just a delicious sea bath, but also a dip in the colors and flavors of the culinary wonders of Alagoas. They are aphrodisiacs and exotic dishes, made ​​from shrimp, lobster, mussels, crab, shellfish and fish, served with coconut milk or natural. There are also a variety of typical food made ​​based on manioc, cassava, corn and coconut as Beiju, Tapioca, the Hominy, the Pamonha the munguzá and-Foot Kid. The fruits are tropical flavor and vibrant color. Most are found Siriguela, Mango, Soursop, Caja, Pitanga, Acerola, Mangaba, among others.


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